IMI Clinics is an authorized retailer of Skin Ceuticals which is the #1 manufactured skin care in the Nation. We carry the full-line of products including complete skin care kits such as the anti-aging product pack, the lightening and brightening set and a series of products aimed at treating acne. In addition to Skin Ceuticals, the full-line of Skin Medica products are available for purchase as well. And for the teens or people suffering from recurring skin tags, skin darkening on the neck, keratosis pilaris (heat rash or hard bumps on the upper arms), or seborrheic keratosis (skin plaques), IMI Clinics also offers skin care made by VI Derm. If wellness is more your focus, we have a robust line of nutraceuticals and medical grade supplements made by Nutrametrix. Within the Nutrametrix line, there are vitamins and bundles focused on age management, healthy skin, weight loss, cardiac protection and much more.


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