“The UH Hilo Vulcan Booster Club dedicates itself to assist the Vulcan Athletics Program in the pursuit of athletic excellence within the framework of National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) regulations and the University’s academic objectives. We are committed to helping students achieve intellectual, physical and interpersonal growth while competing at the highest level of NCAA Division II athletics. By providing our program with financial and physical resources, the UH Hilo Vulcan Booster Club will foster a desire for excellence, respect, fair play, teamwork, leadership, perseverance and integrity.” By receiving donations from alumni, friends, and family, the Vulcan Booster Club is able to provide UH Hilo athletes with the essential funds that enable each student-athlete to excel at not only their desired sport, but furthermore academically. Over 250 Vulcan athletes have the opportunity to play competitively at the Division II level, which is partly achieved through the financial support of scholarships and generous donations. The Vulcan Booster Club helps to support each athletic team in exemplifying excellence on and off the field, court, and track. It is our purpose to support efforts in traveling, athletic events, purchasing equipment, among other things. Your donation can provide a student with a life-changing experience that involves participating in intercollegiate sports, but more importantly, an irreplaceable college education.

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